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Fitness  Model  and  Online  Trainer

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12-Week Mass


REPS Certified Trainer

Nutrition Consultant

Emily MErrick Bsc Nutrition.

REPS Certified Trainer
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Training and diet plans

Online Fitness Coaching

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Unchain YOUR muscle and get huge!

Our 12-Week Mass program is designed for those who don’t do small, this for people that think and want BIG! This is a 12-Week training and diet plan that will give you optimal gains in size and strength with minimal fat gain!

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  • Training program with detailed workouts, workout split, exercises, set/rep/rest advice and more!
  • Nutrition program with example meal plans, supplement recommendations, macro nutrient breakdown, calorie calculations, micro nutrient advice, recommended foods and more!
  • FREE weekly consultations with our trainers and nutritionists.
  • Exercise and stretching instruction image library.

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