REPS Certified Trainer

4-Week Ab Blitz!


A 4-week training programme specially designed for a ripped six pack! Imagine taking your top off with confidence and showing off your chiselled abs!

Week by week the training will get increasingly more challenging with different workouts each week, so you never stop making progress! You can stop the programme at any time once you are happy with the results you want; you can do the full 4 weeks though if you want an absolutely shredded six pack! Each workout is planned in detail for each day for the entire 4 weeks!

Just take a look at the photos above to see what people have achieved on this incredible programme!

For a limited Time Only this programme comes to you at ONLY  £4.94 / $6.54 !!

                                                                                What are you waiting for?? >>>>

REPS Certified Trainer

Nutrition Consultant

Emily MErrick Bsc Nutrition.

*This is ideal for a guy that is already fairly lean but wants to take their abs to the next level. For those wanting to lose weight, check out our more advanced programmes.


The Ultimate training plan, for the ultimate six pack at an ultimate price!!

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