Richard James Ahern

Richard James Ahern

Fitness  Model  and  Online  Trainer

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Hi! I’m Richard James Ahern. Thanks for stopping by.

So at the age of 16 I really had no motivation to pick a weight up, the heaviest thing I picked up was my Xbox controller! I loved gaming, I would game all day and all night, pretty much non-stop! I hardly had time to eat and looked pretty pale and weak! My family worried that I was wasting away and was addicted to gaming. So after much persuasion my gran convinced me to go to the gym for a taster session. She paid my gym membership and ever since that first session I became hooked to the weights rather than a television screen!

So at 22, 6 years later I’ve started a fitness movement online with a website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and a Blog! In 3 months my entire life has changed. Before this I just enjoyed working out for myself but I wanted more, so I started all of this and now I’m driven to make the biggest impact I can on fitness industry and I won’t stop till every single one of my goals have been achieved!


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