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Unchained Muscle Distribution and Wholesale






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Become A Distributor

You can earn money by becoming an Unchained Muscle® distributor! If you’re one of our athletes you are automatically entitled to sell on Unchained Muscle® products! If you’re not one of our athletes but want to become a distributor, just submit the contact form below or email and we can set you up!

Currently the only place to buy our unique and motivational clothing is directly from us! However, now you can become one of the first official Unchained Muscle® distributors! Our products have a proven track record of selling fast and easy and the Unchained Muscle® brand is growing rapidly by the day!

As a distributor, you get a minimum of at least 25% discount on ALL our products and you will get MORE discount the more you buy. You can then mark up the items to sell on at any price you wish, however the prices on our website are a good guideline. We will ship to you for FREE.

You can sell our products wherever you wish, in person, to clients, in a shop you own or online! We will provide you with any marketing and selling advice you need to maximise your earning potential. You will also have access to all our ready-made adverts and images.

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Unchained Muscle Distribution and Wholesale

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Unchained Muscle Distribution and Wholesale
Unchained Muscle Distribution and Wholesale
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