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Unchained Muscle Vests Stringers

Episode 2 

8 Foods to Improve Your Mood! 


4 Supplements to Improve Your Mood! 

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Episode 3 


These videos are all about raising awareness for mental health, beating mental health and improving your mood and well-being! 

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Unchained Muscle Breaking the Chains on Mental Health Video Series

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Breaking the Chains on Depression - 5 Tips 

In episode 4, I talk about 4 natural non-stimulant based supplements that have been shown through research to improve mood and decrease symptoms of depression! 

In episode 3, I talk about 8 foods that can help with depression and improving mood! Some of these foods can increase certain neurotransmitters in the brain, some are packed full of antioxidants, others are rich in certain vitamins and minerals shown to be linked to mood and depression and some improve overall brain health. 

In episode 1, I discuss 5 helpful tips for dealing with anxiety based on my personal experience and from scientific research. 

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5 Tips to BREAK Your Anxiety! 

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The Video Series -  

Episode 4 

In episode 2, I discuss 5 helpful tips for dealing with depression.